QB247 premium game footballs are battle tested too. Every football built is made on the same production line using the same skilled craftsmen with the same materials Big Game uses to make footballs for most top college programs in the Country. Team Issue high school footballs used on Friday are held to the same standard as game balls that win Championships and Trophies on Saturday.


Money Ball

Our most popular configuration features high-tack brown leather that’s shaped for average-sized hands. The Shape Retention Stitch (SRS) enhances durability and helps the football retain its shape.


  • Made in USA by USA owned company
  • NFHS Certified and Compliant 
  • Trusted by Championship programs.Made in Texas, USA by the king of custom footballs.



QB247 are built according to the NFHS rules and specifications and are legal for use in all 50 states.


Custom QB247 HS Football